Keep your calendar full of demos
with Automated appointment scheduling
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Your marketing dollars aren’t left on the table,
they are thrown out the window.

Leads are the hottest when they fill out your contact form. But they have to wait 24 hours on average for a sales rep to respond. By then you have significantly decreased your chance of a successfully scheduled appointment.

Stop wasting your customer's time!

It takes up to 8 emails or call exchanges to get into someone's calendar, stealing your and your customer's time. Not to mention the number of leads that get tired of the back and forth and just give up.

“I wish I could spend more time entering data into CRM”
- said no sales rep ever.

A scheduled demo with the prospect is a crucial step in the buyer’s process. Do you update your CRM accordingly? Maybe. Do you create a new or update an existing contact in your Marketing Automation Software? Probably not. Send the prospect a text message reminder before the appointment? I doubt it.

How Calendash works?

  • Connect Google Calendar with Calendash

    This way we'll know when you're busy and we'll be able to automaticaly insert new appointments directly into your calendar. Set your availability to suit your needs.

  • Convert leads while they're hot

    Use your existing email provider to send inbound leads an automatic email with a link to your Calendash scheduling page. Optionaly, you can also embed it into your website.

  • Keep your calendar full of demos

    Your prospects will be able to see when you're available and pick a time slot that suits them best. Appointments will instantly appear in your Google Calendar. Both you and your prospects will receive a notification with all the details.

  • Calendash enters data while you sell

    Calendash syncs customers' data with your existing software like CRM, Marketing Automation, Online Meeting, Text Messaging, Customer Success Management, etc.

How we're different

We designed and developed Calendash strictly for software companies that use personal demos to increase their sales. Whether it's selling to cold leads, hot leads or helping and upselling existing customers.

Beautiful design that listens to your preferences

Include your logo and your entire corporate identity. We strive to continually improve the user experience of your scheduling process.

Calendash is a team player

Do you have a team of 3 or more sales reps? Every rep can have his or her own page based on global settings. Multiple layers of management are already built in.

Reduce no-shows

Send a text message to your customer before the appointment and eliminate costly no-shows. You can also send thank you messages and gather feedback.

Be aware of your prospect’s time zone!

Your prospects may be living overseas. Simply send them a link with your available times and we'll take care of the time zones.

All the features you need

Add a time buffer between appointments, disallow last minute bookings, allow more than one customer per time slot, add custom fields for additional customer info and more.

Incredibly easy to use

We’ll never bloat Calendash with features you’ll never need. Internal meeting scheduling, discount coupons integration or membership card support will never be on our product roadmap.

Multiple sales and marketing software integrations

A scheduled appointment with your customer is a crucial step in the funnel. Make sure all the customer info is where it should be.

We're launching in Q1 2015

But you can join our private beta by entering your email below.